Shero Fitness is a blog about how an everyday woman powers up. Initially the blog followed the wins and challenges in my quest to become a fitness shero — and it still does. What I’ve learned over time is that being physically fit is hard to sustain without being fit in other areas in life.

My Fitness Story

Unlike most fitness blogs, I’m like you — the everyday person. I’m not fat, but I’m not fit either. My main excuse is that I don’t have enough time to exercise, and I get bored easily.

So why am I making this kind of commitment now? In short, I want to become a shero.

When I started exercising in 2015 after joining my company’s running club, it wasn’t pretty. I would cough and wheeze after jogging more than 15 minutes. My saving grace was that I didn’t give up. My coworker invited me to join her for a half-marathon several months later. Even though I winged my first half-marathon, I finished beyond my wildest dreams.

rhoderace_ayip Cropped

Since then, I promised myself I’d run a half-marathon every year.I have hopes that creating this blog will allow me to reflect, exercise with intention, and help keep me accountable.


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