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You’ve Got Nothing But Bones on You… Seriously?

I joined the biggest loser at work because, well… I wanted to be healthier, and I wanted to win. When I tell others, they let me in on a huge secret, “You don’t have much to lose, you know?” Really? #thisis2017

Back in Hong Kong, I’d be considered fat. Not overweight, because that would have health implications. But fat — simply calling it what it is. Being thin or fat is relative. What’s more important here is that I want to be fit, and here’s a way to be accountable to both myself and to others.

Other than the two races I ran last month, I’ve led a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I might’ve made it to some fitness classes (late) for 30-40 minutes every so often, but I’m back to my typical weight hovering over 130 lbs. Back in the fall when I took a 2 week vacation, I was down to 124 lbs by simply walking everywhere all the while eating out — even at two all- you-can-eat places. At the very least, I know that I can lose 6+ lbs .

In the first week, I lost 5 lbs already, but it really took a lot. I logged about 25 miles of jogging and cycling, but mostly jogging. I also spent 2.5 hours shoveling snow and took maybe around 5 fitness classes. I had two delicious burgers for lunch and dinner along the way, and now edamame is my new go-to snack. Some might chalk it up to me being younger, but I really worked for it.

I know I won’t lose as many pounds this week since I’ve been less active, relatively anyway, yet I still want to make a good showing. I took tabata cardio today sweated like the athletes in a Gatorade commercial. I also rediscovered my love of feta and can’t wait to make this kale salad.

If I can’t lose weight every week, I’m aiming for the perseverance award, which is given to the person with largest difference in body weight % from beginning to the end. My goal is to lose about 20 lbs more by the end of three months, back to the time before I intentionally gained my freshman 15. That’s a story in itself.

And hey, who cares if I don’t win anything? So long as I made a concerted effort and did my best, getting back in shape is worth it. After all, a shero is someone who’s fit and not necessarily thin or light.

“Always listen to experts. They’ll tell you what can’t be done, and why. Then do it.”
—Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love


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