In Search of Motivation

At this time I’m focused on losing weight for the Biggest Loser competition happening at work. Since being eliminated means that we would lose our coach, I suggested having weekly challenges so that there’s something else to look forward to after being eliminated. This week is burpee week.

I searched for ways to get psyched about burpees, and the most popular phrases were:

When life knocks you down… do a burpee!!!
Keep strong and burpee on
Burpees don’t really like you either
“Those were some enjoyable burpees!” said no one ever.

Let’s just say there isn’t much out there (or prove me wrong. I’d love that — really!). Nevertheless, something special came out of this search: the burpee half marathon. Who knew?

While it’s not really a new concept, as there are some crossfit and spartan videos and even videos with college athletic teams out there, it’s new to me and that’s what counts. That’s in part because I now have a lofty yet attainable, I’m sure, goal. Can I do a burpee mile? And how many burpees will that take? Rest assured, I will have answers… later.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
—Jim Ryun


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